Since launching in 2008, Propel Communications offers customizable services, expertise, and capabilities, including but not limited to:

Live Show Recording

Public Relations

We take great pride in the massive personalized media database we have built, focused on people and relationships first. By securing long-term relationships and adding new media to the mix every day, we offer solutions and content to top editors, producers, and media personnel.


Social Media

We work hard to ensure that you are not only utilizing social media's power to promote your brand, product, service and leadership, but we know that we also must translate our awareness content >> revenue and growth. Our experienced team works across all social media platforms to produce engaging organic content to increase followers and media attention, but also to produce content advertising to reach new audiences, test messaging and offers, and drive revenue.

Woman Taking a Selfie

Influencer & Ambassador Partnerships

We offer our clients and partners connectivity to an established network of influencers, celebrities, ambassadors, and professional spokespeople. Whether you are seeking to increase product experience reviews, grow brand or product awareness, or reach new audiences based on demographic or lifestyle to drive revenue, Propel Communications offers customized solutions that deliver.

Designer's Desk

Creative Services

Propel can provide a full range of brand, marketing and creative/design experience to ensure your product or service creates a lasting impression + drives revenue. Whether creating a new brand logo or developing a broad range of marketing assets (photos, videos, or all branded content) to use for product launches, ecom websites, landing pages, packaging, catalogs, email campaigns, social media, printed collateral and much more, let us help your brand soar!

Meeting Between Colleagues


(Search Engine Management & Search Engine Optimization)

We can optimize your website(s) to promote organic search results. We can also manage your paid search campaigns so that customers can easily find you in an increasingly crowded Google world.



Whether you’re looking to be part of consumer and/or media events where people and influencers go to learn about trends, new products and companies to watch, or looking for events to gain new or more retailers (online and brick & mortar) Propel Communications can create and manage a schedule of events to achieve your goals.

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Investments / Sourcing / M&A

Across a broad array of growth initiatives, the Propel Communications team works amongst strong networks of investors, manufacturers, retailers, pet industry professionals, inventors and more and can connect people and companies to achieve your goals.

Application Design

Web Services

& Solutions 

Your website works 24 / 7 / 365 to represent and sell the products, services and expertise that you have to offer. Propel wants to make sure it's working for you... and not against you! Request your comprehensive web analysis and our team of experts will evaluate your: 

  • Hosting & Website Security

  • Website Speed & Efficiency 

  • Website Design

  • Website Mobile Compatibility

  • Visitor Analysis & Tracking

  • Social Media & Email Marketing Integration

  • Brand Consistency

  • Conversion Funnels & Opportunities


Once the audit is completed, you'll receive the full findings report along with our recommendations for improvements. Our goal is to make sure your customers have frictionless experience with your brand, services and/or products online, but also to help you get the most out of your online and offline marketing efforts.


Whether looking for minor updates or an overhaul, Propel can help you succeed online both during and beyond to achieve your goals.