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Critter Care® Bedding Products Provide Small Animals with an All-Natural Alternative


Ferndale, WA - At Healthy Pet® Critter Care® we love small pets. That’s why we have designed an all-natural bedding line specially for them by blending naturally absorbent, reclaimed wood fibers with our own proprietary odor control ingredients. The superior odor control formula suppresses ammonia odor caused by pet urine, keeping the habitat odor-free for days.  

Available in two varieties, Critter Care® Shavings Plus and Critter Care® Natural Paper Bedding, both are made from natural wood fibers allowing them to absorb liquids quickly such as pet urine or water from leaky bottles, keeping pets safe, dry and clean. Our unique material and manufacturing process ensures our bedding is virtually dust-free and won’t fall apart or stick to the bottom of the habitat.


Critter Care® Shavings Plus

Critter Care® Shavings Plus bedding for small animals provides an alternative to plain shavings. This natural bedding is made from 70% kiln-dried softwood shavings and 30% colorful natural paper bedding, which adds extra absorbency as well as provides pets with soft bedding material to build nests. Shavings Plus can absorb liquids up to 2.5x its weight.


Critter Care® Natural Paper Bedding

Critter Care® Natural Paper Bedding is made for small animals from 100% sustainable and renewable wood fibers. We then blend our proprietary odor control formula and 100% safe and colorfast food grade dyes to create a highly absorbent and colorful bedding that is compostable and earth-friendly.


All Critter Care® small animal bedding materials are made from sustainable resources so they are not only good for pets, but good for the planet as well. For more information or a list of retailers please visit

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